Welcome to the website of newly formed software publishing company Glass Onion Games LLC. We are publisher of casual, puzzle games for the Apple mobile platform. Are latest game we released was Unscramble Pictures. A fun and relaxing casual puzzle game will keep you entertained. Try to unscramble the picture in as few of moves and as quickly as you can. Become an Unscramble Colors master! 

The second game that we released was Squiggles 10. Squigges will keep you entertained for hours. Try to connect all the color dots of the same color by drawing a line. You can not cross lines and you must use up all the spaces on the board. Get a perfect score by completing the game on you first try. Each time you play a new random board is created so it’s never the same.



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Alex Resnik
Email: alex@glassoniongames.com
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